Keeping injuries away with these simple chiropractor techniques: a soccer players’ edition

Everybody wants to stay safe from the injuries and wounds because they do not only make you suffer from the minor issues but sometimes they can turn to be the major issues in your life. Some injuries are extremely dangerous that they can make it impossible for you to move from one place to another. Although you can’t get rid of the injuries completely you can still use some helpful techniques to keep injuries away.

Today, we’re going to talk about the basic chiropractor techniques that will help you stay safe from the pain. The injuries are not only the visible injuries but there are several hidden injuries that develop over time. Most of the people nowadays work on the computer and they keep sitting in front of the computer for more than 10-12 hours every day.

Sitting in a straight posture causes special effects on their joints and tendons. Your joints, spine, and cartilages are injured due to the repetitive nature of work. All such kind of injuries are known as the desk injuries. In this article, we’re going to share the helpful tips from Charlotte Chiropractor that will help you stay away from these injuries.

If you’re also holding such a job or have just started your career in such field, then you must practice the following activities during your job to stay safe from the long-term injuries.

Neck Injuries

Poor posture during the job can make you suffer from the neck injuries or sometimes the sleeping posture can also affect your neck badly. You need to avoid such habits and you should develop a posture that can help you stay safe from such injuries. Your neck should be in a straight position while you’re sitting in front of the computer.

At night, you should place a good quality pillow under your head in a proper position so that your neck may rest their properly.

Wrist injuries

The wrist injuries are very common in those that perform duties like data entry and typing. The gamers that use the mouse for playing games can also suffer from the wrist injuries. The typists should learn the way of placing their hands on the keyboard in a proper way and the gamers should consider buying the vertical mouse for games that involve the use of mouse because the vertical mouse can help them place their hand in a comfortable position.

Back injuries

The back injuries are also caused due to the bad posture and sometimes heavy weightlifting can also be the reason behind back injuries. You can stay safe from this problem by adjusting your posture during the job. If you exercise regularly, you should learn the proper way to weight lifting and don’t forget to tie an exercise belt around your body.…

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Cristal presented to Deportivo Cuenca 2005

On the night of January 27 in the Quinta Lucrecia Salons, the Principal Sponsor of the Red Team organized the Official Presentation of the Players of the Deportivo Cuenca Season 2005, an event that began with a video reminder of all the Best Goals that The Southern Express Achieved the Past Season, also could be seen on the giant screen as it was the awards and the celebration of the players when he received the Copa de Campeón Ecuatoriano de Fútbol 2004. 

Then Cristal represented by Luis Guillermo Crespo delivered the first check of Cristal as Sponsor Official of the club Deportivo Cuenca, the Engineer Mario Esteban Espinosa vice-president of the club received it.

Mr. Antonio Álvarez Moreno President of the Club addressed a few words to the present public where he formally thanked Cristal for their collaboration and mentioned that the leadership of the team has made a great effort in recruiting talents of Ecuadorian and international football, besides believing that the Red team is prepared and will have a very good performance in the Ecuadorian Soccer Championship and in the international matches in Copa Libertadores. 

The hour of the presentations arrived and one by one the members of the team happened by the stage next to beautiful models of Crystal; Raul Antuña made the appearance with the team’s alternate shirt and then Cristian Carnero paraded with the Official Club Deportivo Cuenca T-shirt season 2005.

At the end of the event everyone was able to appreciate the performance of the Grupo Cuencano la Dueña which interpreted not only their success Vivir but also the song “Somos Campeones” original song of the Queen Group “We are the Campions” with the lyrics of Deportivo Cuenca Champion club. To finish the group La Dueña jumped and shouted everyone with the Official Song of the club Deportivo Cuenca, where all the public present, players, leaders, staff and friends enjoyed and celebrated the new season of the team of our hearts, luck to our Dear Cuenquita this year 

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Olmedo fell in Cuenca

The picture of D. Cuenca defeated 2 goals to 0 to the representative of Olmedo, friendly match developed the previous Saturday in the stadium Alejandro Serrano Aguilar. The goals for the local squad were achieved by Grueso and Velazco.

The game started with a game in the middle sector. Some arrivals without greater danger staged both squads. At 9 minutes came the first option of the match, after a center to 5,5 of Lastra, the same who was well received by chest by Carnero, who in the final sent the ball over the goalkeeper Corozo. Later that Olmedo began to press offensively, but the good work of goalkeeper Klimovicz faded the attack. For 31 minutes the top left of Olmedo deprived the scoring goal to Lastra, who from a shot of about 26 meters by little breaks the visitors’ goal. When agonized the first stage the element Coarse color, after a good habilitación of his fliers scored the first of the encounter. For the second stage, D. Cuenca’s picture was more incisive.

The entrance of the “Ventarrón” Quiñónez made that a triangulation forms with offensive function from the middle towards the goal olmedina. The rush was constant, although the Olmedo also put his. For the 85th minute, after receiving a free kick through Lastra by the right sector, red back Velazco scored the final 2-0 in favor of the Basin. With this marker the box led by Julio Asad played his third match verifying. 

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