Olmedo fell in Cuenca

The picture of D. Cuenca defeated 2 goals to 0 to the representative of Olmedo, friendly match developed the previous Saturday in the stadium Alejandro Serrano Aguilar. The goals for the local squad were achieved by Grueso and Velazco.

The game started with a game in the middle sector. Some arrivals without greater danger staged both squads. At 9 minutes came the first option of the match, after a center to 5,5 of Lastra, the same who was well received by chest by Carnero, who in the final sent the ball over the goalkeeper Corozo. Later that Olmedo began to press offensively, but the good work of goalkeeper Klimovicz faded the attack. For 31 minutes the top left of Olmedo deprived the scoring goal to Lastra, who from a shot of about 26 meters by little breaks the visitors’ goal. When agonized the first stage the element Coarse color, after a good habilitación of his fliers scored the first of the encounter. For the second stage, D. Cuenca’s picture was more incisive.

The entrance of the “Ventarrón” Quiñónez made that a triangulation forms with offensive function from the middle towards the goal olmedina. The rush was constant, although the Olmedo also put his. For the 85th minute, after receiving a free kick through Lastra by the right sector, red back Velazco scored the final 2-0 in favor of the Basin. With this marker the box led by Julio Asad played his third match verifying. 

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